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Common training

I met Helena at the daily running:she joined me one cold winter day shooked with her blond head,smiled and asked:

- Can I train with You? I noticed that You run almost everyday and I have a great desire to run a half marathon. Can I run with You , I think You can train me, make me able to run such a long run?

I didn't answer. I looked at her from head to foot ,open carefully without hiding.
She was high at least 170 cm. Having long legs ( which were hiden in a dark blue tracksuit) but I discovered later that they were beautiful) she was natural blond with long hair ,she tied her hair in a ponytail and her ponytail was bouncing on her back as she was running in front of me.
Her eyes weren’t blue and that surprized me : they were grey and for the first time I saw such a sight.

Her hips were maybe a little bit stronger , but all together , with her wide smile, on her wide face, she was giving an impression of a great vitality.

I changed the rhythm for several times, I speed: she followed me with a bit of a stain. I know that she could run faster and longer, and I thought , why not , I run anyway everyday, I could use her company, especially a female company.

We were hard practicing for a whole winter! She didn't hesitate not once. She listened to my advices carefully,she followed me in rate till limits of her endurances. I forced her to run in the mountains, so that she can absorb as much power in her legs and strengthen her lungs.
We sung during the run and constantly discussed: she become simply great and I enjoyed more running with her. She was never late: she arrived always on time, always smiling and always beautiul, fulled with freshness and joy. I loved being near to her : it was nice to run in the woods, with Helena next to me , with her open red lips, wet, gasping for breath, wheezing breath, but doesn't flinch. I often wanted to grab and kiss those beautiful lips in the woods.I wanted to refrain , but don't ask me how. It was very painful…

I choose the path long 21 km. Half marathon. For the finish of halfmarathon I have deliberately left kiometar long climb up the hill, a narrow forest trail.I told her that it was a challenge: I never told her that I love to run behind her and look into her, following her , listening to her hard breathing, enjoying the movements of her hips, her long legs that were strong and fast loping meters , that blue tail that whiped on her back, as if she whipped herself and forced into greater and greater effords! I kept that thought for myself.

We enjoyed both in the long-running and almost everyday of our friendship , training, our common enjoyment of stress the body, knitted something between us, and we didn't know that and connected us by invisible and strong treads of desire, which we weren't aware of , but were always very much present , very natural as breathing! Somethimes our feelings came out into the surface, while we were draw up folded in the body, after an outstanding effort: Helena would looked at me, just below the eye, and make something flashed in her eyes and between us. That confused us , so we quickly continued to run in such moments ,not restning our panting lungs enough.

The decisine day has came: the first day of spring has just dawned , it's name tells everything!
We started slowly the first 5 km. We didn't hurry the rhythm training and when I saw that she didn't even hard breathing and when I became certain that her muscles are well warmed, we rushed down the road swallowing meters, kilometers ten, twenty kilometers!

She endured all, but she was a little unstable on the 15-th kilometer, which she quickly won her unstablity. In the moment when she overcome her crisis she rushed with new, hidden forces, which she didn't even know that existed in her, she smiled at me so happy and I didn't need another reward for my effort. I was endlessly enjoying her happiness!

And than we arrived at the mountain: 1000 m heavy and sharp climb! It seemed steep,long and tough, seen from the bottom of the hill! Narrow trails, forest, steep climb with such a slope , so that you had to lean forward and almost nose touching the ground, where fallen twins were dried.

- Now - I told her, patting her on the shoulder. - Now , you must to rush , do your best ! You've already won ! This is just a cream on the top of the cake ! You did your first halfmarathon!
Congatulations !

Jarred by praise , encouraged, she rushed up to the hill like the wind: I couldn't bear to follow her! The top of the hill was approaching she was moaning and hard breathing and so do I !
Our muscles were yelling, the lactic acid was splashing through the muscles, pain to the pain, but we ran as crouch, with our noses close to the ground, unable to see the top of the hill, suddenly we found ourselves on the top! It was the end, we came to the finish line!

Helena turned to me, beaming, se was all sweaty and red, with her arms wide open, jumping from the rush of adrenaline, endorphins:her body has become a great pleasure. She was jumping high in the air, closer to me and she spontaneousy hed me and I hed her too, than her laughter suddenly stopped, she looked me seriously with the sun in her hair, her desirable lips approached to me and there at the top of the hill we were kissing and kissing and we couldn't stop loving each other!

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